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Please, don't call it lingerie

Words by Porsiana Beatrice

Please, don’t call it lingerie. Ladies and Gentlemen, Rosamosario is launching #nudecouture


Chantilly lace, crystals, feathers, pearls.
Lingerie was inspired by linen and necessity. Rosamosario #nudecouture is inspired by art and desire.


The Official Event in Milan, The Intimate Encyclopedia, during the latest SS 2018 Fashion Week, revealed that Rosamosario is embodying the evolution of lingerie, its change, its artistic expression, its sartorial refinement.  The Rosamosario intimate encyclopedic tale was all about embracing the past and the present while beautifying the future.

This is why it’s time to turn the page and start writing a new chapter entitled #nudecouture.

It’s “nude” couture because like all the best nude paintings, from Goya’s La maja desnuda to Modigliani’s Nudo Sdraiato, it’s a celebration of the beauty and diversity of the nude body...

and it’s “couture” since the desire for fashionable and unique pieces generates the designer’s creation. 

Today, ten years after the birthdate of Rosamosario, the Italian addictions for art and fashion meet again to exalt the nude body with the ultimate sophistication of lingerie: from A to Z, this is Nude Couture; please, enjoy!