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Make sure they know you’ve arrived in the ‘La Moglie Di Zorro” Kaftan ! An intense black silk organza creates a classic kaftan shape with a subtle seductiveness. The shoulders are left bare and attention is drawn to the captivating lace adornment on the chest. Long sleeves and the floor sweeping length keep a modest appeal to the garment yet still allowing for optimum movement of the material leaving you feeling liberated and free. Perfect for dancing the night away under the Arabian sky.
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Rosamosario is the only Italian couture lingerie exclusively made in the heart of Milan (Italy), crafted in our atelier by our in-house master artisans. Made individually with attention to unique material features and individual design, all Rosamosario products are exclusive and very distinct. No two products are alike. Rosamosario takes great care to create products of consistent quality and aesthetics.

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