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The Making of "The Intimate Encyclopedia" Exposé

Words by Porsiana Beatrice, Ph. by Marcello Arena styled by Riccardo Maria Chiacchio

More than ten years ago, the letter “R” was passionately taken and, today, within this intimate encyclopaedia of aesthetics, it stands for Rosamosario.

In Milan - not too far from Riva del Garda, where this tale begun - Rosamosario will soon hold its First Official Event during the SS 2018 Fashion Week, at Bovara Palace, on Friday, the 22nd September 2017, from 10 a.m to 7 p.m. 


While the countdown is on – only four days to go – and we are trying to endure the wait – not that easy! –, Rosamosario reveals a few behind-the-scenes pictures proudly exposing the wild exuberance of some of its creations, the exquisite, jewel-like elegance of other ones and the Italian legendary sartorial excellence.

For those of us lucky enough to actually have witnessed the making of the Rosamosario Official Event and SS 2018 Collection, the experience has been intriguing: surrounded by lustful feathers and splendid sparkling – yes, real royal sparkling! –, by delicate Chantilly lace and eye-catching striped silk crepe, by audacious leopard-prints and, last but not the least, the graceful and timeless Rosamosario palette.

And even if we know that beauty is captured only by the finalized creation, it is the overexcitement for the Event to come and thrill of the concluding acts that make this behind-the-scenes so tremendously interesting! They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day; the same we can say about the revolution Rosamosario has been designing.

It is the meticulous, quiet and patient Italian sartorial expertise the solid foundation for each and every new creation. Finally, what’s the revolution about? Just a little clue: the traditional artisanal detailing of the Rosamosario nudewear will luxuriously and ironically emerge on the surface.

From the creative chaos to an harmonious – yet wonder-infused – tale, the Rosamosario Intimate Encyclopedia will illuminate the past of its iconic creations and surprise us with its newest enhanced interpretation of nudewear.


For more news, stay tuned and remember, “R” for Rosamosario!