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The Intimate Encyclopedia Showcase

She doesn’t need to be protected and spare her your patronization. Spirited, Beautiful and Determined: She is the Rosamosario Muse. The Intimate Encyclopedia by Carlotta Danti was finally revealed in the Neoclassical Rooms of Palazzo Bovara, on September 22nd, 2017, during the Milan Fashion Week.
Inlaid doors and oval medallions, stuccoed vaults and crystal chandeliers complemented the Intimate Atmosphere, but the real Splendour was brought to light by the Rosamosario tale of Carlotta’s masterpieces. Captivating leopard-prints, graceful Chantilly Silk, magnificent Victorian volumes, elegant embroidered trains, romantic polka-dots and luxurious feathers were all brought together by the sparkle of creation and the finest Italian sartorial expertise.


“R” for Rosamosario, “S” for Splendour:
always expanding and epitomising the new
and everlasting Italian artistic talent