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Rosamosario by David Bellemere

The backstage of unbound beauty

The French-born photographer flew to Umm al-Quwain to capture the Rosamosario tale through his lenses and famous camera. There is an off-screen beauty that awaits to be told; there is a high degree of freedom enjoyed by those who don’t seek the public arena at any cost. In the fast-paced world of fashion, Rosamosario chose Bellemere to interpret that beauty and freedom so distinctive of the Italian brand.


The duality between the public arena and the wings of backstage is overcome when the arena you decide to cross is characterised by the vastness and limitlessness of the desert.

Rosamosario entrusted Bellemere with the task of going beyond limits and definitions in the only place and situation where this is truly possible: in the burning heat of the untamed dunes.

ROSAMOSARIO - Bellemere Backstage

Bellemere was not surrounded by a crowd of curious people or inquisitive journalists, and neither was his task made easier by the multiple supports of a typical photographic studio. Thus, free from “the” system, standards, and structures, Bellemere and Rosamosario could relentlessly embrace their research for beauty. 

The absence of barriers between the backstage and the photographic set allowed the Rosamosario intimate charm to be unearthed. Thus the stylised and coded world on Bellemere’s back encountered the splendour and excess of the Rosamosario creations. The nude skin was simultaneously enveloped by the refinement of French lace and the wilderness of the golden sand.

ROSAMOSARIO - Bellemere Backstage

The Rosamosario and Bellemere desert pilgrimage showed that off the catwalk and beaten tracks, there is an unbound beauty that only the free spirits can capture… but just for a few seconds: carpe diem!