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An odalisque's weekend in Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace

In One Thousand And One Nights Scheherazade amuses her sultan in the Arabian night heat amidst the sumptuous intimacy of a palace.

Today real-life shaykhahs abide in private floors of Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace, the majestic residence property of the royal family that sits on a sun-kissed shore of the Persian Gulf. In the heart of the city centre yet surrounded by luxuriant wilderness stands a spectacle of Arabian architecture, where the magnificent curves of the arches are one together with the precious fabric coating every surface.

This epitome of leisurely beauty lies at the forefront of Rosamosario's vision of elegance an opulence.

For a hot middle-eastern escapade one can be immersed in beauty, surrounded by exquisite spaces and sleek materials. Residence of earthly empresses, Emirates Palace is a fit abode for those who embrace all pleasures apace with unparalleled beauty, offering the finest restaurants as well as unforgettable views.

For modern odalisques, an enjoyable afternoon at the spa, a stroll around the golf club, or a casual tour on a sailing yacht are only a snap of fingers away, while local must-sees must include the monumental Sheikh Zayed Mosque. 

This palatial residence is deserving of the most precious kimonos in gleaming Italian silk, to relax on the patio immersed in the dazzling sunset, of ankle-length robes in delicate tulle or soft cotton, as a classy cover-ups in the rooms' restful luxury, but also of elegant evening dresses in irresistible chiffon and French lace, to wear to the sumptuous eateries. Behind closed doors, Emirates Palace hosts divas resting in luscious pyjama sets in champagne, gold or rosa antico, but is also a divine setting for daring lingerie bodies in ivory silk crepe and lavish mink fur trimmings.

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All images courtesy of Emirates Palace