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MADONNA and BEYONCÉ. The way for myth-making

Words by Harriet Quick

In the world of pop you can always dress like a virgin, like an innocent, like a goddess commanding a fresh start - it's part of the iconography. In that imagining of new beginnings, white lace and chiffon always give a fine performance.

Madonna Rosamosario MDNA Beauty

Rosamosario's creative director and founder, Carlotta Danti, as called up by both Madonna and Beyoncé's stylists to design entirely different outfits that would perform as well as symbolize rebirth.


For Beyoncé's world tour, and the song 'Resentment' Danti worked with wardrobe curator, Zerina Akers, on a head to toe lace outfit comprising of a cinched lace jacket, body and suspender strung 'chaps'. Bey strides across the stage in the look embodying power and femininity. The beauty of lace is that as never as delicate as it first might seem.


Rosamosario Beyoncé OTR II

Madonna is a master of her own myth-making and can gleefully reference back to the personas that first shot her to pop stardom in the 1980s.

Wearing a pure white tightly laced 'turn of the 20th century' style corset, long lace gloves and chiffon bloomers, Madonna reclaims her 'Like a Virgin' image in a ethereal video shot by Steven Klein.


What both super stars appreciate is that white lace and chiffon give the promise of purity, presence and an open heart.