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A Ramadan Tale

A Soft Cloud Made of Silk

“The sun will set in a few hours. Forty degrees outside never really scared me. I learnt how to enjoy them. This is my home; this is how nature speaks to me: through the scorching heat, through the sun, through the ruling rays of light.

Rosamosario - A ramadan tale

Maybe I’ve never told you, but I’ve always loved number 9.

I love that the shape of number 9 resembles the crescent moon, I love the idea of revelation so tied to this ninth month, and I love that during this month my body and my mind are more in sync with the rhythms of the universe than ever. From dawn till sunset, I know exactly how the sky changes and behaves.

Sabrina Nait - Rosamosario Loungewear

From dawn till sunset, I feel like on a cloud, better than on cloud nine. It’s an inviolable sense of being in the right place, at the right time, no fears, no worries, just a spiritual perception of comfort.

From dawn till sunset, I feel like on a cloud,
not just like any other cloud; it’s a soft cloud made of silk.

I mastered the ability to feel most at ease where many other people would stumble. This is why I reward myself with the sensation of being enveloped in a flamboyant and illustrious kaftan. My eyes rejoice when the ruffle sleeves reach for that special book in my library.

ROSAMOSARIO - Loungewear - A Ramadan Tale

From dawn till sunset,
I want to move around my house like it’s a sacred soil,
not just with decency,
but with beauty and grace. 

The immaculate silk of my trousers will be complemented by the sensuous lace applications; the robes will always caress the floor, and the most deluxe silk organza, as well as the jade green floral embroidery, will outwardly reveal the power, the elegance, and the refinement in me.

My kaftans, my opulent pyjamas, my robes, this is what I call loungewear, this is the soft cloud made of silk that carries me away from dawn till sunset.

ROSAMOSARIO - Loungewear - A Ramadan Tale