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A Desert Love Storm

The secret thoughts of a Middle-Eastern royal bride

by Porsiana Beatrice

Look at me. Properly. Gaze at me, intently, intensely. Do I look like I am scared? Not even remotely. I am standing in the ocean, I am emerging from the sea foam.

ROSAMOSARIO - Desert Love Storm

I have the sand intertwined with my hair. You can see my skin through the finest embroidered silk on earth. My nudity complemented by the most intricate of French lace is the expression of my love, passion and power. I am not just “a bride” today, I am the queen of today and every dawn.

ROSAMOSARIO - Desert Love Storm

You will love me till the end of time, I know how to entice you, I know how to let you overindulge in amorous thoughts without feeling guilty. My head is crowned by splendid diamonds. For everyone else, I am an inaccessible royal mirage, for you, I am the most purely and heavenly of human creatures, as well as the keeper of all your innermost and scandalous secrets.

Rosamosario - A Desert Love Storm

I will marry you because I said “yes” in the midst of the golden dunes. And my “yes” is and always will be a “yes” to you, to life, and to happiness.

Our love is an ivory tower from whence we shall look at the universe wishfully thinking beauty and love will triumph.

I will choose ivory Italian silk satin to echo our enamoured privileged perspective. When in love, chiffon and French lace are the only obstacles I will allow to stand in between us.

On our wedding day, our friends will stare at us in amazement, our sisters may judge our decision to be together forever, some cousins will envy us, but I will be the queen and you my consort, and no-one will ever steal our centre stage. No-one will ever dare to separate us. And when the winds come and raise up the sand, I will protect you under my long cape. Then, all that you will feel is the warmth of my touch and the Italian silk tulle on your skin.

ROSAMOSARIO - Desert Love Storm