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Beyoncé ON THE RUN Tour II

Beyoncé & Jay-Z Resentment - OTR II Cleveland

Fans fall 'Crazy in Love' with Beyonce, Jay-Z at FirstEnergy Stadium show in Cleveland

With the "On the Run II Tour," Jay-Z knows his role. He's a star of the highest caliber. But the crowd hung on Beyonce's every move. And who could blame them? She strutted, twerked, rapped and flipped her hair like the pop queen she (and everyone else) knows she is.

 Rosamosario Beyonce OTR Cleveland

Beyonce Rosamosario OTR

Beyonce OTR Rosamosario

Beyonce sat at the edge of one of the runways in total look Rosamosario and performed the heartbreaking "Resentment." Her vocals were stunning. It was one of the few times she seemed to step out of her superstar mystique (as hypnotizing as it is) for a truly human moment.